Finike is a small port located at the end of a fertile plain where fruit trees (oranges, lemons) and vegetables (tomatoes) are extensively grown. A sand beach stretches over a few kilometers between Kumluca and Finike. On the heights of Turunšova spreads the ancient city of Lymira with its walls, theatre and acropolis. There, stands the funerary monument of Pericles, a Lymiran ruler who distinguished himself by his revolt against the Persians. The monument, which dates back to the 4C BC, was decorated with caryatids.


Arikanda is located north of Finike, in the middle of the mountains. Overhung by a rock face, the site is gorgious: remains of a basilica, a gymnasium, baths, a necropolis, an agora, a bouleuterion, an odeon, a theatre and a stadium can be seen. Findings made at Arikanda indicate that the place was inhabited from the 5C BC although the suffix "anda" shows much older origins. Alexander the Great and his army passed by Arikanda. In the 2C BC the city joined the Lycian League. The Romans ruled the region in the late 2C BC, and Emperor Hadrian is said to have visited the city. In spite of earthquakes and Arabic raids, Arikanda remained inhabited until the 11th century. This ancient city is a privileged place off the beaten tracks.