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Thermal Saunas are warm air baths. The air may be dry or humid. It can be used in the treatment of both chronic and inflammatory diseases. Vapor baths beautify women spiritually, besides its relaxant and blood-purifying effect.

Sauna is a room where people sweat. Heat is obtained through wetting the volcanic stones in the stove. Vapor coming out in this way makes people sweat without consuming much effort and getting tired.



Noradrenaline and adrenaline room close to the sauna. Then the person increases cartisole secretion. It has cutaneous vasodilatation (expands the vessels, improves the circulation).

Cardiac flow and heart rate increase. Blood pressure first increases and then decreases.
The air in Turkish saunas is generally dry. A wet towel is put on the head ot the person.Ambient temperature is between 70- 105oC. Period is 10 minutes.
Sauna is useful for gout and rheumatic diseases. It has contraindications on arteriosclerosis, exterior goiter, heart failure, heart diseases, diabetics and varicose, it is not suggested for people with these diseases.

It relieves fatigue, increases body temperature and circulation, accelerates respiration and has a sedative effect.


If the aim is to benefit from vapor bath at the highest level, sauna sessions should be regularly attended.

-At the beginning, a shower is taken in a room close to the sauna. Then the person enters in the sauna.Men and women prefer to use towels in big saunas generally. It is also possible to enter with bathing costume or naked.

-A person wets the stove during the session to preserve the room temperature. Resting or having a cool shower is necessary in small breaks during bathing periods.

-If the water loss in the cells can not be met, fatigue can be observed after the session. For this reason, water should be drunk regularly to balance the water loss in the cells.

-The session is ended with a cool shower and resting. Relaxation felt at the end of the session lasts for two-three days.


-The function of the vapor is to remove the dead cells and open the pores. Sauna provides a full cleansing through a full sweating and facilitating the removal of toxins.

-Sauna accelerates blood circulation. BIood moves toxins by capillary veins to the surface of the skin through pores. Pepple having sensitive skin or experiencing dermatological problems through sweating should not enter into sauna.


The people with heart diseases feel good in the sauna, generally. However, to avoid possible risks, people with such problems should avoid quite high (over 75oC) temperatures.

Similarly, temperature changes, drinking alcohol during and before the session or long bathing periods may be dangerous. Cooling after the sauna should be gradual and cold water should not be used.

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