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Turkey has become very accessible in recent years to European holidaymakers and as the tourisms industry has developed, so too has the diving industry. There are dive centers in most of the holiday resorts, offering try-dives and training to those who have never dived before. For more experienced divers, liveaboards and two-center trips are viable options to encounter a wider range of dive sites. Most of the diving in Turkey is done around the Mediterranean resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and Kas. Some areas are out-of-bounds to divers altogether.


On a visit to Turkey you can expect to find warm, clear waters and a large number of dive sites. The underwater scenery is varied and interesting, with tunnels, caverns and rocky pinnacles providing divers with plenty to explore. There are also a lot of wrecks along the Turkish coast, both recent and modern. However many of these sites are protected by law so cannot be dived on, although more are being opened up with time. It is also common to find the remains of pottery and amphora as you are diving.


Turkey is an ideal destination for a family or for divers who have a non-diving partner, or for those who want to try diving for the first time. It makes a great place to combine diving with a normal holiday and package deals tend to be very reasonably priced. The diving is typical of the Mediterranean, so although very pleasant, don't expect the amount of marine life to be as abundant as in the Red Sea or the Caribbean. If you are an experienced diver, you should enquire at your diving center before you book as to whether you will be grouped with new divers during your holiday. This is practice at some centers and can somewhat limit the dive sites you will be able to cover.

Above water you can visit ruins and other historical sites, go sailing, explore the countryside, shop in markets and if possible, try to fit in a trip to a Turkish bath! There are all the usual beach holiday activities on offer as well if you just want to relax in the sun and go swimming. Restaurants and bars are cheap and the food on offer is fresh and varied.

Antalya region has the highest number of diving schools in the country & covers many contrasting dive sites. A French military transport ship lies at the entrance to Antalya harbour at a depth of 20-32m, and 1 km out from the yacht harbour is the wreck of a French battleship which sank in 1942. 200m from the Manavgat there is a American B24 war plane which sank in 1944. Between Lara & Konyaalti beaches there are attractive rock formations and sea life at 14-25m. Underwater you will also find submerged caverns & ancient towns. Full instruction by a qualified PADI instructors for absolute beginners before taking a boat out to a suitable dive site where you will get to dive under instruction in the morning, Then lunch is served either on the boat on a nearby sheltered beach. In the afternoon, you will travel to another dive site for a second dive. A wonderful experience for all who take part. Non-diving partners can also enjoy the day by having a go at snorkelling in shallow waters or sunbathing on the boat.


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